With the onset of high season upon us, we are beginning to think of cruising and having fun on the water once again. To ensure a trouble free time with our yachts, preparation and preventative maintenance is the key. 

Towards this goal we will be holding an event in Boat Lagoon to assist owners and crew to carry out the necessary checks and servicing on board. This will begin in Penang with the Nautical Lifestyle show. The flotilla consisting of yachts from all over the region will then cruise up to Phuket to take part in our following Princess Service Training week.

As a part of these events, we would like to offer the opportunity to 3 lucky yacht owners to meet us in Penang for a complimentary systems and cosmetics check up, with the intention of highlighting any aspects of the yacht which will need attention before the cruising season gets into full swing. We will make our systems checklists available to anyone interested so they may continue to use them in the daily maintenance of their yacht. The lists generated from the check ups will then form various workshops during the Princess Service Training week in Phuket.

Should you be interested in your yacht taking part in this complimentary check up, please forward your contact details to David (david@princessyachtssea.com) or myself (robin@princessyachtssea.com) and we will make the necessary arrangements. Please note that we will be looking for a range of equipment installed so that the training can cover as many different systems as possible.

In addition to this yacht based training during the Princess Service Training, we will also have representatives from the major OEM’s, including the leading engine brands, and from the Princess Yachts factory itself. In preparation for their arrival, please email any questions or requests to David or myself and we will do our best to include these.

Many thanks and we look forward to seeing you soon!