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Princess Yacht Malaysia is a subsidiary of Pen Marine Sdn Bhd which was established in 1988.  With more than 25 years’ of experience, Princess Yachts Malaysia staffs are guided by the core principles of honest advice and good service. Boats should always meet clients’ requirements and customer education is important to ensure that there is ample guidance to operational procedures, maintenance and boating knowledge for each boat owner.

Princess Yachts Malaysia believes in sound, long-term business philosophy. The business was established with a clear awareness that leisure boating activities would require time and resources to develop. Furthermore, the business has to be built on firm ground and keep evolving until the market becomes matured.

Over the years, we have played a major role in the development of pleasure boating in Malaysia. The company has been proactive and consistently meets the needs of the clients. At the same time, we have also looked into providing boating facilities and value-added services.

As an industry leader, Princess Yachts Malaysia is committed to providing the best products and services through: Offering of innovative design and manufacture of boats that meet the needs of the local and international markets, dealership of quality products and value-added services, an effective brokerage network for the sale and purchase of used boats, service centres in key market areas to effectively support our clients

A boat is a serious investment that should lead to years of enjoyment and satisfactory returns. However, the boating experience in unique for each individual and as such, requirements will vary from client to client.

Princess Yachts Malaysia offers a wide range of products which meet the needs of new and seasoned boaters. In addition to the retail sale, we offer our clients shore based facilities and boat management services.

We pay close attention to the smallest details and act with the interests of our client always at heart. Princess Yachts Malaysia commitment to meeting client expectations can be attested by our clients' testimonials and referrals to their family and friends.