Professional Training Program For Asia

PMYA (Powerboat & Motor Yacht Academy) Asia introduced its new Training Program for Asia recently. The program is aimed at the long term development of people working in the marine industry. At present in Asian market there is no similar training program for the majority of people looking for a career in the yachting industry to follow. The training introduced covers all aspects of professional boating, but its first aim is to establish a basis for the people to work from. It is important that every one has a foundation of knowledge from which one can develop quicker. From here PMYA can guide people along their chosen career path.

Last weeks students were the crew of the Princess 52 Motor Yacht, based in Myanmar. The boat has presently returned to Phuket for her annual maintenance overhaul, and it is also a great place to berth during the low season, as it allows the owners to carry on using the boat in the sheltered waters of Phang Nga and Krabi.


The 4 students covered many aspects of operating their Princess Motor Yacht, including navigation, weekly/monthly/annual system checks and maintenance programs. Safety was another essential part of the training. It is important to get the crew not only to understand emergency procedures, but also to be able to pass on this information to the guests that come onboard. Correct product usage is also covered in the program. The crew should know which products can be used in the maintenance of boats. The explanation of these products and the way of using them correctly is all included in the training.


Last week was all part of the longer term training program. Over the coming months and longer, PMYA will review all students going over previous courses, as well as introducing new activities, and increasing the students boating knowledge. The course went very well, with all participants gaining good knowledge, at the same time as having fun learning. There are of course many areas to cover, and this will be achieved in the future courses.

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